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Professional logistics services and railway transportation since 1990

Here at Railway Mania, we provide exclusive train transportation services on a series of different routes, regardless of our clients' necessities.

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Introducing Railway Mania

Railway Mania has been established as a small private train transportation company in 1992. While originally operating in the United Kingdom, it now operates all across Europe and even over the western side of Asia.

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Our services

Personnel transportation

Personnel transportation is available to big companies willing to move big amounts of workers.

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Stuff transportation

Whether it comes to clothing or building materials, we got you covered.

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Chemical transportation

We are licensed to transport dangerous chemicals by train.

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Regular routes

We can help you get a regular subscription rather than book whenever you need transportation.

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Our routes

Our routes are extremely diversified. It is important to know that while we provide the initial starting point and the destination, we can stop anywhere on the way there.

Here are some of the services you should expect:

  • Customized routes
  • Multiple stops
  • Regular routes
  • Monthly subscriptions
Warsaw – Frankfurt

Every Tuesday, 8AM    200 miles

Bordeaux – Brno

Every Wednesday, 2AM    800 miles

Madrid – Birmingham

Every Monday, 3AM    957 miles

Milan – Zürich

Every Thursday, 1AM    717 miles

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